Pumps and accessories for Annovi & Reverberi pumps

We offer a very wide range of diaphragm pumps from the renowned Italian company Annovi & Reverberi. A specially prepared series of pumps from this company, resistant to aggressive action of plant protection products, is characterized by high reliability and durability.
In addition to pumps for tractor sprayers driven by the tractor's PTO shaft, we also offer pumps in sets with electric, combustion or hydraulic motors.

Pumps (high pressure) for orchard sprayers

Most diaphragm pumps intended for orchard sprayers driven from the tractor's PTO shaft are also part of the drive transmission to the blower. Specially developed pump construction for orchard sprayers that allows to obtain the desired operating pressure for spraying and liquid efficiency already in the medium range of PTO shaft speed, ensuring the possibility of adjusting the rotation speed of the blower and thus obtaining adequate air flow capacity.

The table below presents a list of some of the most common pumps used by Agrola in orchard sprayers.

Pumps for boom sprayers

Annovi & Reverberii pumps for boom sprayers are characterized by exceptional trouble-free operation and durability.

The table below presents a list of a few pumps most commonly used by Agrola in boom sprayers.

We also sell other models of Annovi & Reverberii pumps for boom sprayers.

Pumps and sets for garden sprayers

In addition to driven PTO pumps, we also offer pump sets with electric and internal combustion engines intended mainly for garden sprayers.

Original parts for Annovi & Reverberi pumps

We also sell a large range of original parts for Annovi & Reverberi pumps.

Annovi & Reverberi is the world's leading producer of diaphragm pumps for agriculture. Established in 1958 in Modena, in the heart of the Italian engineering district, the company, thanks to its rich and diverse offer, is present on five continents in over a hundred countries.