Agrola D9F trailed orchard sprayer is equipped with an uncompromising blower. A fan with a diameter of over 900mm allows obtain 80,000 m3/h air flow capacity (max). It works perfectly in traditional orchards, hazel or hop plantations.

Agrola K6 - a  trailed orchard sprayer with blower with low-deflector created for dwarf orchards and berries plantations, especially those requiring greater amount of air flow capacity for spraying.


Agrola 400 VT mounted boom sprayer thanks to practical construction solutions ideally suited to small, specialized farms who value comfort and reliability of equipment.


Agrola single orchard carts are particularly useful for harvesting and transporting fruit, especially in dwarf and semi-dwarf orchards, where harvesting takes place from ground level. The carts can be combined into sets of up to five pieces, even then they ensure stability and maneuverability thanks to the design that ensures following the tractor track.