Agrola K6

The group of Agrola K6 trailed orchard sprayers with blower with low-deflector was created for performing treatments in dwarf orchards, vineyards and on plantations of berry bushes. Agrola K6 blower takes advantage of a reverse air intake, which directs spraying liquid at an appropriate angle to the row, which makes spraying more effective and reduces the amount of plant protection products. Agrola K6 sprayer also provides very good working parameters.

Blower - a deflector with reversed air intake is equipped with an axial 800mm fan, two-speed multiplier gearbox (2+N), twelve double nozzle holders with anti-drip valve and two sets of spray tips.

Pump - diaphragm, high pressure manufactured by a renowned Italian company Annovi & Reverberi, ensures receiving a full range of pressures and capacity of liquids needed to perform plant protection treatments and proper mixing of liquids in the tank.
AR1203 with max flow 116 lpm and max pressure 50 bar [5 MPa] (max operating pressure 20 bar [2 MPa]) - Agrola 1000v/...,
BHA130 with max flow 127 lpm and 50 bar [5 MPa] (max operating pressure 20 bar [2 MPa]) - Agrola 2000v /..., Agrola 1500v/ .., (optional equipment in Agrola 1000v/...)
BHA150 with max flow 142 lpm and 50 bar [5 MPa] (max operating pressure 20 bar [2 MPa]) - optional equipment in Agrola 2000v /..., Agrola 1500v/ ..,


Control unit - according to the clients' needs, we offer three equipment options:
ARAG electric control unit (2 sections valves, main valve, proportional control valve) with a control box. 
Arag Bravo 180s computer (electric control unit with 2 sections valves, electromagnetic flow-meter and inductive speed sensor which is installed on the sprayer wheel). 
Arag Bravo 300s computer (electric control unit with 4 sections valves, electromagnetic flow-meter and inductive speed sensor which is installed on the sprayer wheel).

Tank - made of high quality polyethylene, contains three parts: a tank of clean water for rinsing the circuit;
a tank of clean water for washing hands and a main tank with a nominal capacity of:
- 1000 liters - Agrola 1000v/...,
- 1500 liters - Agrola 1500v/...,
- 2000 liters - Agrola 2000v/...,

Frame and drawbar - specially designed from high quality structural steel that is protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing. It forms solid and durable machine base.
Three types of drawbars:
- standard drawbar,
- steering drawbar for three-point hitch (optional equipment),
- clevis drawbar (optional equipment).

Axles and wheels - adjustable axle and proper selection of wheels for the terrain have a big impact on the stability of the machine, that's why we offer several types of tires: 
- 10.0/75-15,3 wheels;
- 340/55-16 wheels (optional equipment);
- 380/55-17 wheels (optional equipment);
- 400/60-15,5 wheels (optional equipment).

Lighting system (standard equipment) - lighting that gives visible light from a distance is a necessary addition when the machine drives  on roads. Lighting system installation - rear, composite LED lamps (position, directional and stop lights) + warning triangle for agricultural machinery. 
Lighting of nozzles with LED (optional equipment).

PTO Drive shaft (optional equipment) 
- in the case of the sprayer equipped with a standard drawbar: (torque 400Nm, length 1100mm);
- in the case of the sprayer equipped with a steering drawbar for three-point hitch, a clevis drawbar as well as a standard drawbar: PTO Wide angel drive shaft (torque 400Nm, length 1010mm);
* - to drive the sprayer it is necessary to use a PTO drive shaft that has the CE mark and safety shield kit.


Spraying level: vertically 3m, horizontally 5m
Air flow capacity (max) 30 000 m3/h.
Required power Agrola 1000...-30-40HP | Agrola 1500...--35-45HP | Agrola 2000...-40-50HP
Max RPM 540 
Max allowed operating pressure 20bar [2MPa]
Max allowed travelling velocity 15km/h

*- power demand depends on operating parameters; efficiency of the fan and working pressure. In a mountainous terrain or wetlands, it may be necessary to use tractors with more power.
*- the spraying level depends on operating parameters, weather conditions and "foliage of trees".

- some of the components described or shown in the pictures are optional equipment offered at an additional cost.

* - the manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes related to the continuous improvement of the structure and to remove individual models from production.