Agrola Aeris H

A series of mounted sprayers with tanks with a nominal capacity of 400 or 600 liters and boom for horticulture crop for performing plant protection treatments in row crops like for example strawberries.

Agrola 400 Aeris H -A10 D; Agrola 600 Aeris H -A10 D

Agrola 400 Aeris H -A8 D; Agrola 600 Aeris H -A8 D

Blower - is equipped with a centrifugal impeller and two-speed multiplier gearbox (2 + N). Eight - Aeris H - A8 D or ten - Aeris H - A10 D outlets which contain double nozzle holders with anti-drip valve and two sets of spray tips.

Boom for horticulture crop - with working width ~ 7.5m, unfolded electrohydraulic, enables both independent folding, hydraulically lifted (in the range from 0.5m to 1.3m). Boom is equipped with mechanical self-leveling system with hydraulic cylinder for tilting correction. Possibility to manually adjust the spacing, position and angle of each outlet e.g. 10 outlets - 10 rows max 0.8m spacing (using one outlet per row), 5 rows at max 1.5m spacing (using two outlets per row); 8 outlets - 8 rows max 1.1m spacing (using one outlet per row), 4 rows at max 1.9m spacing (using two outlets per row).

Pump - diaphragm, high pressure manufactured by a renowned Italian company Annovi & Reverberi. Model AR1203 with max flow 116 lpm and max pressure 50 bar (max operating pressure 20 bar) ensures receiving a full range of pressures and capacity of liquids needed to perform plant protection treatments and proper mixing of liquids in the tank.

Control unit - according to the clients' needs, we offer two equipment options:
Braglia - 2 sections solenoid valve with on / off control panel and a manual pressure control valve that is installed on the sprayer. 
Arag - electric control unit (from 2 to 6 sections valves, main valve, proportional control valve) with a control box.

Tank - made of high quality polyethylene which ensures durability and resistance to damage. It contains three parts: a main tank with a nominal capacity of 400 l or 600 l; a tank of clean water for rinsing the circuit and a tank of clean water for washing hands.

Frame and boom - specially designed from high quality structural steel that are protected against corrosion by powder painting.

Lighting system (standard equipment) - lighting that gives visible light from a distance is a necessary addition when the machine drives on roads. Lighting system installation - rear, composite LED lamps (position, directional and stop lights) + warning triangle for agricultural machinery.

PTO Drive shaft (optional equipment) (torque 400Nm, length 800mm)
* - to drive the sprayers it is necessary to use a drive shaft that has the CE mark and safety shield kit.


Working width 7,5m
Air flow capacity (max) 11 000 m3/h.
Required power: Agrola 400 V3 Aeris H A10D - 40-55HP | Agrola 600 V3 Aeris H A10D - 40-55HP;
Max RPM 540 
Max allowed operating pressure 20bar [2MPa]
Max allowed travelling velocity 15km/h

*- power demand depends mainly on the terrain conditions. In a mountainous terrain or wetlands, it may be necessary to use tractors with more power.

Overall dimensions 
Agrola 400 Aeris H - A10D - Height - 3,0m | Width - 2,7m | Length - 2,35m; – Unladen weight - 650kg |Max authorised weight - 1140kg;
Agrola 600 Aeris H - A10D - Height - 3,0m | Width - 2,7m | Length – 2,35m; Unladen weight - 660kg | Max authorised weight - 1350kg
Agrola 400 Aeris H - A8D - Height - 3,0m | Width - 2,7m | Length - 2,35m; – Unladen weight - 630kg |Max authorised weight - 1120kg;
Agrola 600 Aeris H - A8D - Height - 3,0m | Width - 2,7m | Length – 2,35m; Unladen weight - 640kg | Max authorised weight - 1330kg

*- some of the given dimensions and parameters may differ from the actual ones due to the type of equipment used, e.g. control unit type, etc.

- some of the components described or shown in the pictures are optional equipment offered at an additional cost.

* - the manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes related to the continuous improvement of the structure and to remove individual models from production.